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League Rules- Everything you will ever need to know 

  1. This is a social outing and anyone who gets out of control, bitches excessively or acts like an ass in general will be asked to leave. This is for fun–enjoy it as such.
  2. The more the merrier on the sidelines so all friends, family and significant others are welcome to join us but not play, saving the on-field shenanigans for the folks funding the season. Friends are welcome to watch, laugh, and heckle, but not play unless a team is short and needs a sub.
  3. We love dogs, but we ask that you not let yours play with the kickballs. For any unknowing dog owners, we warn in advance that dogs have sharp teeth and kickballs are easily punctured. If your doggie should go vampire on a kickball, you owe the league $10 for a replacement.
  4. Heckling is highly encouraged but should never be mean in spirit or tone.
  5. For anyone who has never played kickball (or forgotten how), any rules not specifically covered or changed below will revert to those of softball.
  6. Eleven people play defense, including the catcher. (That means five people in the outfield).
  7. Of the 11 playing defense, at least five must be female. You can play with as few as nine people on defense, but if so, at least four must be female. If you don’t have enough to do that, then you will officially forfeit the game. After forfeiting, you can field whomever you have present and play anyway. NOTE: Any team who forfeits a game will lose their right to a guaranteed team slot the following year.
  8. Every team member who shows up for a game must bat (or ‘kick’ if you prefer). Kicking order must rotate girl, guy, girl, guy, etc. the entire game.
  9. No cleats are allowed. Check your ego at the door and see Rule 1.
  10. Each team gets three outs per inning and we play seven innings per game. Games average an hour in duration. During the summer league, slow games in the early league will be asked to clear the field after 1:15 to make way for the late league.
  11. To increase the level of playing difficulty, all players (including batters) must have a cup in their hand filled with a beverage of choice, even if it is water. (If you choose to bring beer, it must follow the Denver Parks Alcohol Policy which means only 3.2% alcohol beer is allowed.) Putting the cup into your mouth or dropping it prior to a catch is not allowed and doing so nullifies the catch. A cup is defined as a container without a handle or lid where the top is a larger diameter than the bottom.
  12. Pitches will not be called balls or strikes. Pitches must be rolled in a straight line and at a moderate speed (no bouncing, curves or fast balls). If you don’t like it, you don’t have to kick it, but you also can’t advance to first base on a walk. Kickers, don’t abuse this rule by waiting for the perfect roll, and pitchers, don’t try to be cute.
  13. To keep things moving along, a batter will be out after kicking four fouls. An attempted kick that misses (a whiff) counts as a strike.
  14. As in softball, runners may overrun first base and be safe from tagging, so long as they do not make a move toward second base.
  15. Runners cannot lead off of or steal bases. (You have to keep one foot on the base until the ball is kicked).
  16. Runners cannot tag up and run following a catch for an out.
  17. No sliding and anyone who does will be out and shunned. Hopefully this one is self-explanatory. If not, please reference Rule 1. The one exemption to this rule is the use of Slip ‘N Slides that are set up from third base to home.
  18. There is a line of cones in the outfield and all kicked balls must bounce in front of this line before crossing it. Any kick that crosses this line without bouncing first will be an out.
  19. For safety reasons, all roadways and certain other boundaries will be designated out-of-bounds. If a ball is kicked into one of these areas, the kick will be ruled a ground-rule double.
  20. All in-bounds trees are in play and balls can be caught falling from a tree for an out. If a ball becomes stuck in a tree, it is ruled a ground-rule double.
  21. If the ball is overthrown and goes out of bounds, runners are allowed to advance only one extra base past the base they were approaching when the ball went out.
  22. True to schoolyard kickball rules, in addition to forced outs, a base runner may be gotten out by tagging them with the ball while you hold it, by hitting them with the ball by kicking it (even if it is their teammate kicking from home) or by hitting them with a thrown ball. However, to ensure that no one gets carried away, if a base runner is hit directly or indirectly in the head (i.e., even if the runner intentionally ducks into it or the ball bounces off a shoulder and hits them in the head) by a ball thrown or kicked by a defensive player, the runner is considered safe to the base to which they were approaching and will be given two extra bases as a penalty. The rule counts no matter how hard or soft the ball hits the person in the head and also counts whether or not the hit was intentional or unintentional. That’s just an additional risk you take by throwing or kicking it.
  23. No intentional bunting is allowed. Should anyone swing as hard as they can and their ball only goes the length of a bunt, that’s OK. We don’t want to punish the already embarrassed. You should know if they are trying to bunt or not. This will be a judgment call if it happens and may be subject to the “Do-Over” rule described below.
  24. If there is a play that is too close to call, KIFAC Kickball etiquette requires that instead of arguing, the two teams should mutually agree to simply “Do-Over” the entire play.
  25. Have fun!
  26. These rules are subject to change and if you can’t abide by them, we reserve the right to boot you to the curb with no refund.

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